Borrow Limit of Moneylenders In Singapore

There is no specific limit in case of secure loans from money lender Singapore. There are following instructions in case of insecure loans

  • Can borrow an amount of up to 3000$ only in case your yearly income is below 20,000$
  • Can borrow an equivalent amount of your two months income if your yearly income is 20,000$

Or more but less than 30,000$.

  • Can borrow an amount equivalent to you 4 months income if your yearly income is 20,000$ or more but less than 30,000$.
  • Can borrow any amount if your income equals or is more than 120,000$

Money lender Singapore is supposed to subject you to the details of effective interest rates of the loans before the loan is initiated. If your gross income is less than 30,000$ the interest that can be charged is following

  • 13% interest rate for secure loans
  • 20% interest rate for unsecured loans

If your income is 30,000$ or more the above rules won’t apply and you will have to negotiate the effective interest rate with the moneylender

The interest must be charged on the amount which comes after subtracting the re paid total from the original principal amount. For instance, A borrowed a sum of 10,000$ and has repaid a sum of a 4000$ only remaining amount of 6000$ will be eligible for interest charges.

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