Nitric Oxide Supplements Reviews – Must Read Before You Buy

We know that you are confused with many choices and claims of Nitric Oxide Supplements. At the same time, you are worried about the unwanted side effects of Nitric Oxide Supplements and looking for a review. If you are planning to buy Nitric Oxide Supplements, then it is really important to read this review first. Do not rush into it and please keep reading this article but we highly recommend vasayo compensation plan over Nitric Oxide.

However, if you are suffering and fighting with low blood pressure, you need to AVOID Nitric Oxide Supplements AT ALL COSTS. But for the rest of bodybuilding and gym enthusiasts, you will be able to decide which nitric oxide supplements to buy. In this review, we will reveal why Xtreme NO with DAY-LONG RELEASE (sustained release formula) is the best choice.

We know you guys do not like lengthy reviews. So, let get straight to the point.

ALL Nitric Oxide supplements are based on one main ingredient, L-Arginine. It helps stimulate nitric oxide levels in the body thus dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to muscles. The increased of blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to muscles. Two things happen here. First, you get the pump as oxygen inflates those muscles like blowing up a balloon. Second, nutrients carried along with the oxygen feed the muscles for solid and lean gain. The simplified pathway is shown as;

Arginine → Nitric Oxide → Vasodilation → Nutrient Delivery → Muscle Growth

Just as it seems ripped muscles can be attained easily, that is not to be. Let us quote you real testimonials taken from a reputable site.

“Tried a NO product (took 4g a day) for the first time 6 weeks ago. One day after leg pressing, I got really dizzy, felt sick and had to lie down immediately to prevent fainting and worse. Since that day I had heart rhythm problems and breathing problems, especially during the night and in the morning and I was kind of feel dizzy and nauseous during the day”

“I used White Flood for two years and have had really low blood pressure I have not been able to train in five months dizzy and weakness and it feels like my left_ side is disconnected.“

These situation can be life threatening and painful. No one like to suffer especially after spending much buying these supplements. But, this is where the pain begins. Why?

  • MOSTNitric Oxide Supplements in the market provide ONE quick burst of Nitric Oxide.  This causes over dosage leading to frightening drop in blood pressure, fainting, breathing problems, wheezing, vomiting, tremors, severe sweating, tremors, discomfort due to rapid heart rate, palpitations, dry mouth, skin irritation, nausea, diarrhea, nausea and weakness.
  • Thesudden SPIKE of nitric oxide provide ‘pump’ only when you are working out. Within a matter of minutes after your session, those muscles start to deflate.

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